On my way Home Allamanda Flower

My recent trip to the last Orchid show at the New York Botanical Garden brought many warm memories of my homeland as soon as I entered the show; The Allamanda Flower presentation was a deep reflection of one of my childhood memories. Being miles away from home of Barbados there many things I miss.  If […]

Mothers Day Musings…

One of the joyful things about Mother’s Day is that it’s a day where mothers are celebrated and if she is lucky she can put her feet up. This is not the same for all mothers. Single mothers of young ones are left to make their own day count and that alone can be overwhelming. […]

Tranquility and Flowers

EMY flowers nature

We have all had the feeling of frustration during work. You can turn your work life into a peaceful happy place by using flowers or plants in the work space or on your desk. There is something about nature’s blooms that reminds you of that blissful botanical feeling you had while in a garden or on […]