I am not Ready to Let go of Summer Flowers Yet and I Found the Key not to.

I Found a Key to Floral Beauties to Enjoy  and for $2.00 you can get the Key Too.

Just reset your mind in a local community garden as close as next door in New York City.

Flowers and Gardens
Juan Alonso Community Garden In Hells Kitchen

Did you know there are over 80 community gardens within New York City alone? You can volunteer to work in one of the gardens, so maybe I will see you at one of them.

We spend so much time indoors; we sure do. Even in the summer some of us spend the majority of our time indoors whether it is in our offices trying to meet deadlines or taking one last call that may turn to one more too many. Can you imagine how many hours we spend in doors in the colder months? I am getting in as much outdoor gardens as I can. Yeah if you can’t tell I go weak in the knees for flowers and gardens.

I am challenging some of you to go out for lunch and see how amazing it is. I am a floral designer who has a background in floral design from the New York Botanical Garden and also background in agriculture from Barbados and I love beautiful gardens.  I have also learned the hard way that not all florist love gardens. Lol.

A beautiful garden will allow the time to create a peaceful state of mind; a meditative state. I feel somewhat renewed after I visit a garden, especially my favorite of all: The New York Botanical Garden.

If you have a crazy day or a busy office, try getting out to see a garden near you. Some gardens are locked to prevent vandalism but don’t worry you can get the key to the gardens for only $2.00 at the at the Community Board affiliated with that garden. Yes, two dollars can set your mind at ease for a moment.

These gardens are a part of the Neighborhood Greening Project.  Open space gardens allow those who can’t plant due to living conditions the ability to get their hands in the soil and plant.

 You can also purchase plants when there are plants sales and the proceeds go to funding the greening project.

As a special treat to myself while in New York City, I decided to take a break for lunch and venture into two community gardens nearby that I have been hearing about. they were created and are cared for by the Clinton Housing Development Corporation. I had the pleasure of visiting two of their gardens in the Hell’s Kitchen area and one upcoming project:  Juan Alonso Community Garden and upcoming projects expected for completion in 2017; The Children’s Garden and Adams Garden (beautiful garden dedicated to the late Adam Honigam). To read more about what the CHDC community gardens are about, you can visit the link below:


To read more about community gardens near you in New York use the links below:



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