May 2021 Will Be Month For EMY To Always Remember !

Mother’s Day (occurs in May in America) is the last holiday of the season for the flower industry. We depend on this month to raise enough funds to help us through the slow season. For most of us florists the season doesn’t restart until fall. When I started 20 years ago, some shop owners I knew closed their doors for the summer to save on utility bills and other costs required to run a flower shop.  Some would take a long-needed vacation and cut staff all in an effort to save resources to get them through the tough slow months to come. There is a hope that you’ll get a wedding or two to help you stay busy during the summer months.  Another thing that helps through the slow season is great marketing. So, when Macy’s INC. invited me to be a guest designer at their upcoming show in Herald Square, I saw a lifeline for a small business, especially a Minority Woman Business Owner like myself.

 I had to design the flowers and install them on the night of May 8th (night before Mother’s Day). Although the flower design was visible to the public from May 9th through May 16th , we could only install between the hours of 9 pm and 1 pm on May 8th. Oh Yes, you read right – the night before and the morning of the last biggest holiday of the season, Mother’s Day!

 It was a lot of planning for me, so I geared up my *Famstaff and we all fell into line. Planning was important, even if it meant little to no sleep for us for two nights and a gash on my right ankle from a temporary set up that led to a broken pot and table. Was I nervous? Yes. I felt I represented the black community and those small minority businesses that wouldn’t get a chance like this. But we were inspired because we all knew it was important to help the brand and showcase my skills. I had great support, from top designers around the country, to the New York Botanical Garden. They helped me build my confidence. I even cried one day on the phone with my web designer. (Ronise, you are a gem thank you!)

Why the pressure on myself ? Well I wanted to represent who I was as a Barbadian (with tropical flowers) but also provide a tribute to the victims who died and suffered from Covid (the Birds of Paradise) and the young immigrants like myself who came to America (the young children at the entrance of the garden with the Sunflowers, roses, and other flower blooms pots). I believe that is what art does – it captures the times we are in and still provides some sort of hope. So where is the hope in the Flower design? It is in the branch that goes up with a new life seen in the tree fern growing and a pregnant robin comfortably perched in the tree. Thank you to my Famstaff I love you!

It went up and at 3 in the morning as we drove a one and half hour ride home, it hit me. That I am the first Barbadian to do something like this in America for Macy’s. I slept for 1.5 hours and got through designing for Mother’s Day with my Famstaff.

Later that week I was interviewed by my favorite local news channel News12, Mahopac News and finally the interview that meant the world to me: Barbados Today!

I hope that my story inspire young immigrant children that come to this country. If you would like to order any of my EMY Custom Flowers designs please do not hesitate to visit our shop on the website. We offer delivery to Mahopac NY, Mahopac Falls NY, Carmel NY, Brewster NY, Putnam Valley NY, Yorktown Heights NY, Somers NY, Cortlandt NY, Peekskill NY, Lake Peekskill NY, Garrison NY, Philipstown NY, Westchester NY, and more. Order pick-up by appointment only.

  • Famstaff : Family members who are also staff

We want to wish all the Seniors a safe, sweet and memorable prom it has been a hard year on 2020 and the 2021 grads. I am truly proud of you. You will have stories to tell your children and your children’s children of how youtrail blazed through the Covid- 19 Pandemic.

It is not too late to place your prom corsage order. If you want show how proud you are of your graduate we ae carrying line of special wrap Designers Choice bouquets. Please place your order early.

I have tears of joy in my eyes this month. Our very own Andrea will be leaving us for college. She is a hard worker and an awesome young leader in our community. She would tell you just like her sisters ,she grew up sweeping leaves and recently graduated to my Social media manager and my personal assistant. I know she won’t miss the rose thorns but she will miss taking your orders and making cute reels with me.

We love you Andrea, you have made us all proud and that even includes brother!

Wishing you all Love, Peace and Blessing on your path. Stay Safe !

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