Mothers Day Musings…

One of the joyful things about Mother’s Day is that it’s a day where mothers are celebrated and if she is lucky she can put her feet up.

This is not the same for all mothers. Single mothers of young ones are left to make their own day count and that alone can be overwhelming.

Some single mothers have to move through that day like any other day; preparing meals, doing household chores and running errands because their young ones aren’t able to make their day as special and relaxing.

Mother's DayI was once a single mom and I always stop to reflect on those days for me. I remembered how hard it was for me during mother’s day with my two little girls and there were times it got me down. But one day it clicked that my kids would not remain young forever. So instead of basking in my hurt I decided to pick up my spirits with my low funds and made the best with my girls. Boy and that we did. Our day was filled with fun for all of us at a Discovery Zone – (I loved discovery Zone just as much as the kids). So curtsey to all the single mothers out there and may your mother’s day be filled with fun and no tears. If there are tears, let them be tears of Joy.

Here are some tips to make a fun filled, low expense day.

  • Go out with your young ones the Saturday before Mother’s Day for breakfast.
  • Make breakfast from home the day before and have the young ones heat them up for you in the microwave on Mother’s day.
  • Have a picnic in the park together. Make sure that you and your young ones prepare the items for the basket the day before so you do not have run around on Mother’s day.
  • Matinee movie. While other families are out to eat you can enjoy a movie with the young ones.
  • Family yoga class together.
  • If you are an artsy mom plan an art project you all can enjoy.
  • Buy flowers from your florist at least two to three days before mother’s day and have your children help to arrange them for you.

Most importantly, embrace this special time with your kids!

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